Edward Lake is a nuanced author of tangible tales. His work is best suited for those with a vast imagination and an affinity for unconventional writing styles. The subjects explored in his works focus on the truths found in the shadows of civility. They include aspects of the human condition, including wartime, deliverance, love unrequited, desires realized, and fates revealed.

These include his 2012 premiere novel, Bangie the Beast, and his sci-fi saga The Mamluks. The series includes The Uprising and Emily’s Revenge

These reveal Lake’s understanding of the genre and nod to the darkest realms of fantasy, sci-fi, and gothic folklore. Still, Lake’s novels aren’t held to the conventions found in most others in the genre. Instead, he uses his platform as an author to give a sense of catharsis to anyone who likewise demands a new path.

Lake resides in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He is a family man in nature, a father of two, and deliberate in his path. His newest work, Zena: Soldier, speaks to a personal and steadfast pursuit to understand the world and one’s place within it. Through his work, one can find relativity in the warrior’s plight, intrigue in the lives of lovers, and the realization that heroes have (and must always wear) different faces.


Edward Lake’s novels are available via Kindle and print on Amazon.